Among the torrents of programming languages available today, C is one of the most popular and powerful computer programming language. It works very closely with the computer and gives the programmer a lot of control. Due to its high flexibility and versatility, C is used in operating systems, compilers, assemblers, network drivers, databases, interpreters, utilities, etc. As a complete beginner in computer programming, it would be wise to start by learning the C programming language. Some of the prominent features of C programming language are as follows:-

1.Worldwide Recognition
C programming language is known worldwide and is used in an aura of applications like operating systems, embedded systems, advanced scientific systems, etc.

Embedded systems based on C
OS kernels written in C
Databases powered by C

2.C-An Elemental programming language
C programming language is the elementary language of all programming languages. For example, to learn C++ (an object-oriented programming language), C language needs to be learnt beforehand. C language has variety of data types and powerful operators which makes learning programming fast and easy to understand.

3.Simplicity of learning
C programming language can be easily used for expressing common ideas in programming in a user-understandable manner. Various principles of C like argc and argv for command line parameters, loop constructs, conditional statements, data and variable types are the cardinal computer programming features. This enables a programmer to communicate with colleagues from other countries through common programming constructs in spite of not having a common verbal language.

4.High Portability
C is a highly portable language. C programs written on one system can be easily run on another system with a few changes to the program.

5.Structured programming approach
C is a structured programming language. Thus a problem can be solved by splitting it into function modules or blocks. This modular programming approach provides ease of debugging, testing and maintenance.

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