Learning to code isn’t something that can be achieved in a day; but it doesn’t need an entire life too. You just have to put in enough efforts and follow a structured learning approach to learn programming efficiently and faster. Some of the important tips on learning to code faster are as follows:-


  • Learn by actual practice
    Coding is not a theoretical task; hence just reading of programs wouldn’t help. One has to play with codes; compile them and run them to find the errors and then work for removing them. As rightly said “Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster”. A programmer who doesn’t makes mistakes is not a good programmer.


  • Understand the fundamental concepts
    Programming fundamentals should always be learned first. Rushing towards coding without enough knowledge of the basic concepts like variables, control structures, data structures, syntax, tools,etc. may seem easy at the beginner stage; but it often hinders the long term advancement in programming. So do take out some time for thorough understanding of the programming fundamentals.


  • Do not refrain from taking help
    No one is a born programmer; it is learnt through practice and hardwork. So don’t be shy to take help either from your mentors or from the numerous content available on the internet.


  • Refer to the sample codes; but don’t just copy them blindly
    Reading the sample codes and using them blindly without an understanding wouldn’t help you anytime. Do refer to the sample code, but then try to understand it and then try to code it yourself. This will facilitate faster learning.

  • Take breaks during debugging
    Often it happens that searching a particular bug takes very long and the mind gets fatigued. At such times take a break for few hours and then return back to that bug with a fresh new perspective. This will surely help you find the solution as well as save you from hours of headache.

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