—– Our Mission —–

To inspire and help the newbie programmers to learn programming with a true sense of understanding.

—– About —–
Hi! We are Siddhesh Urkude and Pranjali Vaidya, a creative team with a passion for learning, coding and helping the newbie coders. New programmers usually have a fear about coding and often end messing up with the programming subjects. This is because of the lack of proper understanding of the coding logic. But there is nothing to worry about. We are here to help you learn coding easily and quickly.
We aim to help out the engineering students to learn programs in a simple manner and achieve an effective understanding of the coding logic. We provide the program solutions for some important computer engineering programs.
All the best and happy coding!!


Siddhesh Urkude
Co-Founder, Web Designer And Website Manager

Pranjali Vaidya
Co-Founder And Content Writer